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Pre-Registration Closed!

You can still register in person January 10th, 7:00pm at Colonel Gray High School.

It will be first-come, first-served. Don't forget your $15 registration fee!


City Centre Community School is a place to learn something new, have fun and meet members of your community during the cold and sometimes isolating winter months on Prince Edward Island. We welcome all members of the Charlottetown community and PEI to participate in a new selection of courses beginning January 16, 2018 for ten weeks at Colonel Gray High School. With a committee led by young adults from around Charlottetown, the City Centre Community School is building on an existing community school platform. The goal is to raise awareness of the community school system in PEI, increasing its participation levels and the program’s sustainability for years to come. City Centre’s classes run on Tuesday evenings, 7:00pm – 8:30pm. Courses cost $15.00 for ten weeks! The evening includes a short break for community time, which gives a chance for students and instructors to share what they have learned or simply enjoy some snacks and conversation.

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Catherine Bailey

Introduction to DSLR Photography

Pre-registration for this course has finished. But don't worry! There are still some spots open for registration in person at Colonel Gray on January 10th.

Students will get an introduction to a few technical features of their new DSLR camera, and practice using them. We will also introduce some other concepts for new photographers to employ that will help them to produce quality images that tell a story. Students will learn how to shoot in different modes, such as Aperture and Time priority (and what these words actually mean), focusing, light, composition, and finish off with some useful resources to help them continue their learning when the class has finished. Requirements are a DSLR camera, the manual for said camera, a willingness to share / discuss images openly in class to both give and receive constructive feedback so we learn as a group.

Peter Young

Peter has been doing photography for 22 years. He attended Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design in Vancouver, BC, and the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in Halifax, NS. His career has covered portrait photography and commercial photography extensively, but Peter also does a great deal of landscape and street photography for his own benefit.


This course is for the beginner knitter or those who would like to refresh their knitting knowledge. You'll learn: Casting on Basic knitting techniques (increasing and decreasing) Casting off How to read a yarn label and select the right yarn for a project We'll provide the patterns for the course, but for the first night please bring a set of knitting needles either 5.0 mm or 5.5mm and a ball of Bernat Handicrafter yarn. You can purchase these items at Michael's, Fabricville, Owl's Hollow, or your favourite knitting shop.

Rachel Howatt

Rachel took knitting at City Centre School in 2016 and fell in love with the craft. In 10 weeks she went from not knowing which hand held the needles (both!) to whipping up her own hat design. 2 years later, she's looking forward to sharing her knowledge and passion with beginner knitters in the very classroom she was taught.

Organizing Your Life

The class will discuss various organizational systems for home, work and leisure. Of equal importance, individuals will be provided with tools to explore what’s important in their lives, and how to identify priorities. This will ultimately help participants to organize their time, energy, and stuff. The goal of this class is to help create order, find peace, and simplify your life.

Peggy Miles

Peggy Miles lives in Summerside and has been attending City Centre Community School for the last 3 years. Staying organized is important to Peggy as she balances a busy job, a daily commute, home ownership, family, her social circle, volunteer commitments, health and wellness, and time for creativity. She has not unlocked the secret to a perfectly organized life, however trial & error and many hours reading about organizational systems has positioned her to share some of her findings.



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