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City Centre Community School is a place to learn something new, have fun and meet members of your community during the cold and sometimes isolating winter months on Prince Edward Island. We welcome all members of the Charlottetown community and PEI to participate in a new selection of courses beginning in January 2016 for ten weeks at Colonel Grey High School. With a committee led by young adults from around Charlottetown, the City Centre Community School is building on an existing community school platform. The goal is to raise awareness of the community school system in PEI, increasing its participation levels and the program’s sustainability for years to come. City Centre’s classes run on Tuesday evenings, 7:00pm – 8:30pm. Courses cost $20.00 for ten weeks! The evening includes a short break for community time, which gives a chance for students and instructors to share what they have learned or simply enjoy some snacks and conversation.

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Beginner Belly Dance

Pre-registration for this course has finished. But don't worry! There are still some spots open for registration in person at Colonel Gray on January 5th.

This course is for anyone and everyone interested in combining fun with some exercise. Stretch your comfort level, and yourself, in a new direction and try something new! Learn basic belly dance moves broken down into easy-to-follow steps, and combine them into a short dance choreography. All materials provided -- including veils and hip scarves.

Tammy MacDonald

Tammy MacDonald loves to move and to teach. With seven years experience teaching belly dance at various PEI community schools, Tammy hopes to see you in class!

Computers, the Internet, and You: The Basics

The course will start off with with introduction to computing, allowing students to identify various components of computers. They will then learn basic keyboarding and editing skills before jumping into photos, editing, social media and internet safety (viruses, phishing, etc).

Fazal Malik

Fazal hails from sunny shores of Prince Edward Island and lives in Charlottetown. He is passionate about computers, internet and teaching. Through this course, he hopes to bring more awareness to the students about surfing and keep them safe online, while enjoying sharing photos and files that matter!!

Cultivating Community Resilience 2.0

Cultivating Community Resilience is about building our capacity for active citizenship at the local level and an awareness of our responsibilities as global citizens. We will discuss and explore ways of responding to energy vulnerability and climate change by communicating and providing access to the knowledge and tools necessary to cultivate sustainable lifestyles and resilient communities. We are offering this course because we want to spread awareness of the challenges ahead, as well as the knowledge and tools we can use in our communities to rise to those challenges. *Please note that this course's content is different from the 2014/15's Cultivating Community Resilience course.

Phil Ferraro, Jordan MacPhee and others!

Phil Ferraro is the Director at Bioenterprise Maritimes, Co-Director at Institute for Bioregional Studies Ltd., and the general manager of the Charlottetown Farm Centre. He has worked for decades to create and advocate for sustainable agriculture and community initiatives. Jordan MacPhee is a first year organic farmer, a student of political science and environmental studies at UPEI, and a board member on the Environmental Coalition of PEI (ECOPEI). He has volunteered with a wide variety of community groups since 2010 to help foster environmental awareness, political citizenship, and a socially just economy. Other members of Transition PEI, the group that is the collective brain behind this course, will take on roles facilitating and organizing the course as well.

Edible Botany & Local Food

Island experts on edible botany and unique farming skills will be invited in to give presentations. Examples of presenters could be a bee farmer, someone who grows amazing organic tomatoes, or someone who owns an apple orchard. Discussion will be opened up after the presentation so you can ask questions about how you can incorporate what we've learned into your own garden, or to trouble shoot about a crop you've always had trouble growing. Come and get great ideas for your own garden from expert growers!

Liz Fraser

Liz is a UPEI student and a dietetic intern through the university’s Integrated Dietetic Internship Program. She started gardening at a very young age as her parents are adamant growers and they have a large garden and a mini orchard. She volunteered at the Farm Centre community garden and has maintained her own plot there for two years. Liz hopes to become a community dietitian and start a garden where she sets up a practice. Liz’s favourite thing to grow is purple beans!

Morgan Palmer

Morgan is a UPEI student majoring in Foods and Nutrition. Before going into a science degree, Morgan attended the Culinary Arts program at Holland College. Morgan worked as a cook across Canada and abroad, with a focus on seasonal ingredients and helped established or maintain a kitchen garden wherever she could. She has been a farm hand on organic farms and worked in a greenhouse, and she established and gained funding for a community garden project. Morgan is highly involved with PEI's food community and is especially passionate about her backyard garden.

Exploring Yoga and Meditation

Pre-registration for this course has finished. But don't worry! There are still some spots open for registration in person at Colonel Gray on January 5th.

Focusing on the connection of the body and breath, each week we will move through a series of asanas (poses) tailored to the interests and abilities of students. We will pay special attention to correct alignment in the asanas and control of the breath. Classes will cater to all levels of experience. As yoga involves much more than physical movement, the second half of class will focus on different meditation techniques and their connection to our daily lives. Meditation is the practice of calming and focusing the mind. Through forms of active and passive meditation we will work on developing mindfulness.

Kirstin Sweet


Kirstin Sweet has been practicing various styles of yoga for several years. She has developed a true passion for the practice and believes that absolutely everyone can do yoga. In 2014, Kirstin traveled to India and completed a yoga teacher training course in the foothills of the Himalayas. There she learned how to effectively lead students in many styles of yoga and discovered many different meditation techniques. She is excited to share her knowledge and passion for yoga with the students of City Centre Community School!

How to Write Short Stories

Have you ever wondered if you have what it takes to write a story? Learn what goes into a story and how to develop your ideas into a story in How to Write Short Stories. In this 10-week course, you will write a short story with the guidance of an experienced teacher and writer. Completed stories will be published in, Cindy's website for writers.

Cindy Lapeña

Cindy Lapeña is an award-winning writer, teacher, editor, and artist. She has an M.A. in English Literature with specialization in drama and teaching creative writing. She has published a novel, The Lost Amulets, as well as a 5-volume series 101 Fun Games, Activities, and Projects for English Teachers. She owns and operates her art and writing studio, Art 'n' Words Studio & Gallery, from her apartment in Charlottetown. This is her third year with the City Centre Community School.

Introduction to DSLR Photography

Pre-registration for this course has finished. But don't worry! There are still some spots open for registration in person at Colonel Gray on January 5th.

Trying to figure out your first DSLR camera can be a daunting task. There are so many buttons, dials, and whatchamathingies on a DSLR camera. In this course, you will learn what some of these thingies are, how to use them, and how to tie that new-found knowledge together with proven photographic techniques to make powerful images. You'll be shooting like a pro in no time! Each week will be a blend of technical talk, camera practice, sharing of images, and group discussion of those images in a creative and constructive way.

Evan Dickson

There was a time when Evan shook his fist at all photographs digital, but he has long since embraced the digital medium and all the opportunities it affords. Let his experience guide you on your first few steps into the world of digital SLR photography.

Introduction to Modern Boardgames

Our goal for this course is to help introduce students to the wide world of modern boardgaming. There are hundreds of great games being made which is wonderful, but it can be intimidating to know where to begin. We will be guiding students through introductions to some of the most popular new games. We will discuss some of the common themes and different genres to help students choose out a game that is right for them and their group! Games we will explore include Settlers of Catan, Carcasonne, Dominion, One Night Ultimate Werewolf, and many more.

Jeff Dohoo

Jeff Dohoo is a lifelong gaming enthusiast . He is passionate about games and a professional educator, even starting a board game club for students at Colonel Gray High School.

Niall Stanley

Niall Stanley has been hosting game nights for friends and family for many years. He discovered the now classic Settlers of Catan in university and loved the social and competitive elements. His interest in this new type of modern board game has led to playing and collecting dozens of games from around the world, from light social party games to heavy tactical strategy games and everything in between.


Pre-registration for this course has finished. But don't worry! There are still some spots open for registration in person at Colonel Gray on January 5th.

This course is for the beginner knitter or those who would like to refresh their knitting knowledge. You'll learn: Casting on Basic knitting techniques (increasing and decreasing) Casting off How to read a yarn label and select the right yarn for a project We'll provide the patterns for the course, but for the first night please bring a set of knitting needles either 5.0 mm or 5.5mm and a ball of Bernat Handicrafter yarn. You can purchase these items at Michael's, Fabricville, Owl's Hollow, or your favourite knitting shop.

Blair Cowan

Blair has been knitting for more than 20 years and crocheting for about half that time. She loves making fun patterns and fashionable knits and thinks that knitting and crocheting are both fun and important skills to have! It can also be a great form of meditation and great opportunity to vent.

Krista Gallant-Mears


I'm Krista. IT and data diva by day, and knitter every chance I can get. I'm a third generation knitter, and I enjoy teaching knitting to all ages of learners. I've been knitting for over five years now, after a series of rough starts! I enjoy making household items, as well as small knitted goods such as socks, mittens, and headbands. I also enjoy writing about the philosophy of creativity, and learning more about why we create. See you in January!

Living Naturally

Pre-registration for this course has finished. But don't worry! There are still some spots open for registration in person at Colonel Gray on January 5th.

This course is a gentle introduction in living life in a more natural way. We'll discuss what Naturopathic Medicine is, how it fits into one's health care plan, and learn about botanical medicine, Chinese medicine, nutrition and more. We'll explore what to look for (and what to look to avoid!) in household products, supplements, and food. It will be interactive and fun, and more discussion based than lecture based. Practical tips will be shared to integrate into your everyday lives that very week! Sample class topics may include: Chinese Medicine and and an intro to acu-pressure; The medicinal properties of spices in your kitchen; Decoding labels on household products; The microbiome and how to make sauerkraut; and Intro to making herbal medicines at home

Cassandra Goodwin, ND

Cassandra Goodwin is a Naturopathic Doctor at Goodwin Naturopathic Medicine in Stratford, PEI. She was raised in Charlottetown, and has recently returned from Vancouver to open her practice. She loves to share the easy ways we can make our lives healthier by living more naturally. She is passionate about living vibrantly, gardening, reading and sharing meals with loved ones. She's delighted to join City Centre School in 2016!

Social Media 101

Social media can be used for many things: staying in touch with friends and family, promoting your cause, and keeping up with trending topics and news. Knowing how to use social media is an essential 21st century skill. This course will teach you the basics of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn. Each lesson will provide an overview covering how to open an account, how to maximize your profile, how to build and interact with a network, as well as basic tools/applications designed to enhance your overall experience.

Chelsey Rogerson


Chelsey Rogerson has a sincere passion for all things social media. She has worked with politicians, non-profits, corporations and startups to help build their online brand. A self-professed twitterholic, she can be found online on various social platforms sharing and digesting content. She is excited to share her knowledge of social media with you and help you navigate your way to becoming a digital citizen!



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